About Me

Hey Ya’ll!
Welcome to my corner of the internet!

I am Danielle, a momma to 5 who survives every day with Jesus.
I love theological conversations and relating the Gospel to motherhood.
Coffee and running keep me sane. ♥️

I am married to a special man who is a Head football coach. After spending our first 4 years in seminary and overseas in Portugal, we decided to come back home to the states with our two kids. We decided high school football was our ministry field, and we have served at 3 different schools in the past 6 years and added 3 more kids to our household. I take my job as coach’s wife and team mom very seriously.

Not only do I think being a coach’s wife is a gift from God, but I have been convicted lately in staying silent on major theological issues. Especially when there is so much false doctrine being taught. I pray to have a heart for His Word, and an even deeper study of His Truths. I also pray I can encourage other women to search His Truths through His Word for themselves.

I am a total advocate for women, their identities in Christ, and their identities in motherhood. I love birth stories, and I have 5 of my own.

I never planned on being a stay at home momma. I actually told my husband that was in the column of “never would I ever.” But now that I am here, I cannot my life any other way. It is hard, don’t get me wrong. I have traveled through the dark stages of post partum depression. BUT God. God has given me a total peace in staying at home with my babies. He has given me comfort that it is a great ministry to serve my family in this way. And by staying home, I’m also free to serve the football team and be a hands on participant of that ministry.

As I am building this community, telling my story, and hopefully encouraging fellow mommas in their journey, I hope you will find there’s a place for you here. Grab a cup of coffee, iced or hot, and stay a while.

Thank you for popping in.