I fully rely on Jesus for everything. Especially motherhood. ⁣

Alice: How long is forever?⁣

The White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.⁣

I have been getting a lot of “I don’t know how you do it all!” “I could never do what you do!”⁣

I once asked a group of seasoned moms of 3 or 4 how they did it all day. One seemed such a handful. I couldn’t imagine how the “did it all” with lots of kids. ⁣

They told me the best answer. ⁣

I don’t. I fully rely on Jesus for everything. Especially motherhood. ⁣

Let me reassure everyone. I am in no way, shape, or form perfect. I am a sinner saved by Grace alone through faith alone. I am no way equipped to have 5 kids (and a bonus teen) alone. I lean on Jesus. And I lean on my husband. Actually, they probably carry me most of the way. Literally, now that I’ve twisted my ankle.⁣

My house is a mess a lot. I’m in pajamas and no makeup most of the time. I’m always worrying and anxious, especially with a teenager in the house now. (Worrying is something I’m striving to give fully to God.) I teach my children to be independent in most aspects of life, and to be helpers around the house JOYFULLY (another lesson I’m learning along with them) to relieve some of our burdens. ⁣

It is hard, but I know this is exactly where the Father has placed me in exactly this time. He is my Sustainer and my Comfort. When the days are long. When I don’t think I can handle any more. He is there supporting me and carrying me through it all.

Q: Do you feel overwhelmed with motherhood sometimes? How do you get through it?

Published by Danielle Barker

Hi, I’m Danielle. Momma of five who survives every day with Jesus. I'm somewhere between a crunchy and silky mom. I love theology and relating it to motherhood. Coffee and running keep me sane. ♥️ Best advice? Make your home the place you want to be.

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