Studying the Bible: A Basic How-To using an Inductive Approach

(This blogpost goes along with this podcast episode.) So many women I see want to study the Bible but have NO clue where to start. So, they don’t start. They rely on devotionals, which can be great tools, but should not be used as a primary source of Biblical knowledge. Or they read the BibleContinue reading “Studying the Bible: A Basic How-To using an Inductive Approach”

Studying the Bible: 3 Practical tools to Use

Want to start STUDYING the Bible? Really digging deeper into the Word of God? This series might be for you. Here are a few tips in a series of Bible Study. These tips and steps have really helped me dig deeper into what God is saying in His Word, and how to understand it BEFOREContinue reading “Studying the Bible: 3 Practical tools to Use”

Bossy kids, Cancel Culture, and Servant Leaders

Having five kids, it can be pretty difficult to maintain the same expectations for all of them. In fact, I know I expect too much of my two oldest at times. They are told to be leaders, to be a good example, and to help out. Probably more than the youngest three. My oldest, however,Continue reading “Bossy kids, Cancel Culture, and Servant Leaders”

No, my identity is not found in my kids. But it’s not found in myself, either.

So many times, moms are told that they need to “keep their identity” after kids. Even going as far as to “find themselves again”. Y’all. Do you know how many years I wasted feeling bitter and jealous and resentful and depressed believing this lie? My identity is found in Christ. Not in my kids, no.Continue reading “No, my identity is not found in my kids. But it’s not found in myself, either.”

Thankful Season

As we are in the week of Thanksgiving, I feel thankful. Or at least I know I am supposed to feel thankful. I have so much I am thankful for. We have the kids list our blessings and our thanksgiving at all our prayer times several times a day. From our family to our houseContinue reading “Thankful Season”

Unified in Christ

Thank you, Jesus, that my identity is found in Christ and nothing else. Racism is not a new thing. You see the sin of racism in the Bible. People viewing others of different ethnicities as “lesser”. Thankfully, God combats that thinking all throughout the Old and New Testaments. You see gentiles throughout in the lineageContinue reading “Unified in Christ”

You are a Missionary. Yup, I said it.

I wrote this at the beginning of this football season. God has taught me so much being back in the states. We were told before we left for the “mission field” that if we did not see wherever God planted us as a mission field, we would fail overseas. If we don’t view our neighborsContinue reading “You are a Missionary. Yup, I said it.”

Did Curiosity Really Kill the Cat?

Curiosity is a beautiful thing. I love that my kids are curious about life around them. I am so glad that they try to be independent. I encourage them to try new things. To touch, taste, explore all they want (within reason.) So, the phrase curiosity killed the cat always bothered me. We want ourContinue reading “Did Curiosity Really Kill the Cat?”

Being a boy mom is hard…but not for what you think.

Ya’ll. Being a boy mom is hard. But not for reasons you may think. I can handle the gross. I can handle the mud. I can handle the snuggles and the kisses. I can handle the bugs and the eating constantly and the sports in the house. I can handle the poop and toot andContinue reading “Being a boy mom is hard…but not for what you think.”