You are a Missionary. Yup, I said it.

I wrote this at the beginning of this football season. God has taught me so much being back in the states. We were told before we left for the “mission field” that if we did not see wherever God planted us as a mission field, we would fail overseas. If we don’t view our neighborsContinue reading “You are a Missionary. Yup, I said it.”

Did Curiosity Really Kill the Cat?

Curiosity is a beautiful thing. I love that my kids are curious about life around them. I am so glad that they try to be independent. I encourage them to try new things. To touch, taste, explore all they want (within reason.) So, the phrase curiosity killed the cat always bothered me. We want ourContinue reading “Did Curiosity Really Kill the Cat?”

I fully rely on Jesus for everything. Especially motherhood. ⁣

Alice: How long is forever?⁣⁣The White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.⁣⁣ I have been getting a lot of “I don’t know how you do it all!” “I could never do what you do!”⁣⁣I once asked a group of seasoned moms of 3 or 4 how they did it all day. One seemed such a handful.Continue reading “I fully rely on Jesus for everything. Especially motherhood. ⁣”

Make your home the place you want to be.

As a mom of so many kids, you would think I would be the one handing out all the advice. But I am still learning every day. I love trying new things. I love learning from seasoned moms to how they run their homes and how they discipline their kids and do all the things.Continue reading “Make your home the place you want to be.”

Baby…Vacation…Beach…What was I thinking?

I wrote this blog many years ago, but I fing it is still applicable after 5 babies. And if you don’t agree with everything, that’s ok. Maybe you’ll find something that is valuable to you. Ok, I know what the title says, but our vacation really wasn’t that bad! My hubby and I journeyed onContinue reading “Baby…Vacation…Beach…What was I thinking?”