No, my identity is not found in my kids. But it’s not found in myself, either.

So many times, moms are told that they need to “keep their identity” after kids. Even going as far as to “find themselves again”. Y’all. Do you know how many years I wasted feeling bitter and jealous and resentful and depressed believing this lie? My identity is found in Christ. Not in my kids, no.Continue reading “No, my identity is not found in my kids. But it’s not found in myself, either.”

Thankful Season

As we are in the week of Thanksgiving, I feel thankful. Or at least I know I am supposed to feel thankful. I have so much I am thankful for. We have the kids list our blessings and our thanksgiving at all our prayer times several times a day. From our family to our houseContinue reading “Thankful Season”

Baby…Vacation…Beach…What was I thinking?

I wrote this blog many years ago, but I fing it is still applicable after 5 babies. And if you don’t agree with everything, that’s ok. Maybe you’ll find something that is valuable to you. Ok, I know what the title says, but our vacation really wasn’t that bad! My hubby and I journeyed onContinue reading “Baby…Vacation…Beach…What was I thinking?”